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Why A Page Of Posts Like This Is Useful – It Showcases A Lot Of Content In One Place


Whilst you could create your own website most are missing lots of important detail and sell your services short.

Phillip Dutton-White


There is no escaping great pictures help make it easier to create an engaging website. Particularly if your gift is to be able to paint classic cars

1st Class Paving & Landscaping

If you have a van having it covered in your livery is a great way to attract more clients in the same street. If you have a website I can supply the correct type of files for your sign writer.

AI generated image to go along side some faqs on AI

Adding Text To A Template To Simplify Creating Posts

Template help experts and novices to create new content quicker.

facebook masthead example

Benefits Of Social Media

Social media love it or loathe it, this can help raise your profile.


How Clean Is Hydrogen

Facts not fiction regarding how clean hydrogen and why smart people are not betting on hydrogen to help decarbonise travel and heating. Discover the truth…

Prawn Farming – Is That The Future?

Fish farming is this future for a more sustainable healthier industry?

Musk Foundation Website

The Elon Musk Foundation…

Email Not Coming Through…

Email not coming through – Gmail solution.


Shenzhen – 16,000 Electric Buses All Tracked In Real Time

Shenzhen – where the electric buses are run by highly intelligent folk who care about the customer experience.

Tesla's Secret Superpower

The Anti-Handbook Handbook… from Tesla

If you are an adult this is why you would prefer working at Tesla.

Designing Out Cost

Sandy Munro points out how smart people save costs. Most businesses and organisations do not follow these principles, if they did that would make a big difference.

Working From A Home Office Top Tips

Almost all photos of people working with laptops and desktop computers are bad for your health!

Lunaz Aston Martin


Electric car innovation applied to classic British cars ensuring that they will remain on our roads for many years to come, something worth saluting.

Whilst looking for potential backlinks for I stumbled across this company 

They take a classic car strip it down to all its components and then put it back together again, this time it has an electric motor, battery and no doubt awesome torque.

The cars have all the extras one would expect in 2021 such as air conditioning, WIFI, and sat nav.

The reported range is enough for most daily commutes although the price might mean you save it for a Sunday drive. For me this is more art than a car. One can only hope that they start cranking these out in volume. Something this good should not limited to handful of cars.

Ironically if you want an electric Aston Martin from Aston Martin you will have to wait until 2025. Alternatively this DB6 is available now for only £900,000, no doubt you will have to form an orderly queue.

Guest Equestrian

Good-Bye Directories Time For A Website

Your own website offers more options and greater control that social media and auction sites which can change their policies overnight leaving you out in the cold.

New Owner, New Website

Innovation – does not only happen in the field of electronics, cars etc. it is possible to come up with new and fresh ideas if you are a butcher and using that can help bring new customers in and keep your existing customers coming back.

FoodGate – The Biggest Threat To The West

Sugar the No.1 threat to western life, because politicians needs votes, they dare not mention it but pretty well all of us need to lose some weight.


Litter in the UK is a challenge which should concern more people.

Cleaning The Ocean

Extracting Floating Plastic Rubbish from Rivers

For many years I have thought for that someone should do exactly what this video does, but I have never taken that thought beyond “removing rubbish from rivers and the oceans has to be a good idea…” Hats off to Boyan Slat.

Bubbles – The Unsung Heroes In Life…

Bubbles one of the key ingredients of life on earth yet we take them for granted.

Benefits of Posts

More benefits of posts is the same content can be sliced and diced in a number of ways.

The content appears on here via a filter.

The content can be set to show the last 4 posts so as new posts are added the older posts either drop off or go on to a second page. This page show 6 posts per page and the older posts are on pages 2 and 3.

Why Bother With Posts?

If the posts are configured correctly meaning they have the SEO on them there is a good chance they will get indexed in Google. The more you segment your market with a bit of luck the more visibility your website will achieve.

As rough rule of thumb the more pages a website has the better it tends to do in Google (as long as they are quality pages). Why not get in touch and gain more visibility in Google Searches? Call 0121 458 2665 or WhatsApp me or use the Contact Form.

Why This Content?

Pages filled with Latin text to create some dummy content whilst that would work on one level would not be very inspiring.

If You Are Not A Wordsmith

No problem I have written much of the text on the websites I host you can tell me in a phone call and I can create the text, and add the pictures.