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Page Speed – More Speed!

Website Speed – Google prefers faster sites over slower sites, and taking note will deliver benefits.

  1. Where you appear on the Google result pages.
  2. Will visitors stay around to see your content, many newspaper websites load so much bloat I rarely stay to see the content. This is referred to as bounce rate.
  3. If you have a very slow loading site – chances are fewer people will create unsolicited backlinks to it.
  4. Faster loading websites come across as more professional.

Are all websites equal? – No

Many websites rely upon code the typical visitor is unaware of. The hidden code to add extra functionality does not all work equally quickly.

In this example website.

I updated the same words and pictures from the old website to a new website running the latest code.

The difference in load speed as measured by Google increased from

Faster Code = Better Results

New Mobile Code For A Faster Site

The difference in load speed as measured by Google increased from

Scores out of 100
Old Code v New Code

If you run the results repeatedly the numbers do fluctuate, but the trend remains the same.

Conclusion – it is worth updating your website to gain increased speed.

The old website code has been retired, and the new code is now live at the site which that website relates to was sold to Dainty Group who offer a similar range of services.

If you want to increase your enquiries – why not get in touch? 0121 458 2665 or 07980 656 787.

Old Desktop Code

Old Mobile Code