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Long Tail Keywords (Think – Segmentation)

Translated in to English. Another way to think of this is think of segmentation.

Example of Long Tail Keywords

Holidays > Home > Abroad > Short break > 1 week > 10 days> 2 weeks > Longer > Fly or Drive > Hotel > Self-catering > Camping and on and on

This if you were writing about holidays you could keep breaking down the different types of holidays on and on.

Of course in reality no-one except the largest tour operators covers every sector of the market for holidays.

Effectively long tail keywords are when you go in to every niche about your product. Why do that?

They are easier to rank for

To create website content which might only be relevant to 1 in 500 people searching the internet, but your page might be No. 1 and so that page actually does generate traffic to your website because if:-

1,000,000 people per year are looking for something and your website comes up 1 in 500 searches that could potentially bring 2000 visitors to your website in a year, which could be around 5 visitors per day.

Therefore, a page which might only appeal to 1 in 500 people if sufficient people are looking for that might make a lot of sense.

There is a high chance that someone looking for a “beach holiday” has only just started thinking about going away. Someone looking for a “villa holiday corralejo Fuerteventura” has probably a clear idea of what they are looking for. Thus if you are promoting property to rent in Fuerteventura they are highly likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

This type of traffic will more likely convert to a customer – because your offering and their requirements are a close match.

In Summary Re Long Tail Keywords

Websites which break down their content in to niche segments can do well.

Add the fact that Google tends to favour websites with more pages rather than fewer, and the chances of being able to generate links to your website and suddenly more pages on a website can make a lot of sense.

Some people suggest, “we might be duplicating some of the content”. Possibly, but no-one sits down and typically reads all the pages on a website. Chances are most people will not notice if a few ideas are repeated.

One client kindly demonstrated the opposite effect when they killed the 60-page website which covered every niche and substituted their own 11 page website which they had built. Suddenly business dropped off. They blamed that on the recession.

An Expensive Mistake Is To Think You Only Need A Few Pages On Your Website

Having spent more than 20-years working on websites and Google Ads it is clear that a website with only a few pages will be a challenge to promote in Google Ads. Why? Because searchers tend to use general words, but that means there is a lot of competition for such words which pushes up the cost. Segmenting your market with more pages will help keep costs under control and will improve your chances of being found in organic searches.

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