Website Design Services, Serving Birmingham and Beyond

When people have a problem typically they turn to Google, but not all websites are equal in the eyes of Google.

Services offered –

  • Build a website
  • Promote – Google Ads
  • Discover which pages are working / which are not working
  • Edit website pages
  • Promote

This cycle can go on for a while depending upon the size of your business / depth of product range. Why this works? – because website users always manage to come up with words which you do not think of initially.

Everyone has strong opinions about websites, but the interesting fact is one can look under the cover of a site and see if it really does have any search engine optimisation (SEO). Most have some, but most have a lot of room for improvement. I can offer you ideas to help you be discovered in Google you will almost certainly not have heard of. Does it matter?

Google has become more sophisticated and chances are it will serve up local companies rather than a plumber in Aberdeen, if you are in London, but there is no harm in helping ensure your website has relevant SEO clues.

Links make the internet what it is, and in truth having more links to your website from quality sites is never a bad idea.

Google likes sites which are updated from time to time and the number of pages is increasing. For some clients, I work a day spread over a month. They do not have sufficient work for a full time person, but they recognise the benefit of having someone keeping their company in the public eye. Creating new pages, being on top of social media, and being able to send out emails to clients and prospects.

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