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Click throughs by position:

  • 42.3% of all click throughs go to the top position
  • 11.92% to second
  • 8.44% to third

The first 3 places get 62.66% of all click throughs. Source AOL analysis 17 million searches.

By the time you get to position No. 11 you’re down to a 0.66% click-through rate. (6 or 7 in every 1000 times it is put
in front of browsers)

Click throughs by page:

Page 1 of the search results gets 89.69% of all click throughs.

Page 2 gets just 4.4%.

How Do You Get On The First Page in Google?

When it comes to SEO whilst adding missing components can frequently help, it normally requires more to raise the profile of a website.

  • Business Plan
  • Strategy
  • Implementation

Content which is “expert” “in-depth” “insightful” will stand you in better stead than just pages churned out which is half-hearted, built to meet a quota.

Original content with your own graphics is a good start, In many cases making your content local may help.

Coding the page so that the underlying code is clean and accurate will help load speed. Websites which are slow to load and do not work well on a mobile phone will be further down the search results.

SEO Is A Moving Target

80% of websites are not optimised

New best practice keeps evolving.

Do not be left behind.

Why not call today? Tel: 0121 458 2665

SEO Is A Moving Target

80% of websites are not optimised.

New best practice keeps evolving.

Do not be left behind.

Why not call today? Tel: 0121 458 2665

Load Speed

The internet is much faster today that it ever was, but many people are accessing websites via their mobile phone, Google knows this, and is very keen to promote websites which work quickly and well on phones as well as desktops.

Click this link to test your own website…

Yes, slow loading websites do get served up in the Google results but if all other factors are equal the faster one will be first, and there is a considerable difference between first and second in terms of traffic.

Mobile Phone Friendly

Over half the traffic on many websites comes from a mobile phone!

Readability – Column Width Will Help People Stay On Your Site

Whilst mobile phone traffic is important the other half will come via the traditional desktop computer and line length can be an issue. Around 65 characters per column plus or minus 5 is typically easier to read. In 2019 Google places being mobile phone friendly top of its desirable list.


HTTPS – s stands for secure. That means the content is encrypted between the server and your browser. That does not mean the content is legal honest and can be trustworthy. Even sites which are secure should be treated with caution, in terms of who runs the site.

Google prefers sites which are secure, such sites will feature higher in results all other things being equal than ones which are just http.

Graphics & Code

Websites a mixture of graphics and code – not all sites are equal

Whilst there are numerous ways to get to an end result, there are some options are better than others. Surprisingly many websites do not follow best practice to create the visual result.

Partly because technology which suggests “anyone can build a website” which is true – it does not follow that – your “helper software” will follow best practice.

Result – a slower website which will require more work to maintain.

Using the correct approach to building your website will help ensure it will be popular with Google.

Page Speed

Whilst it is tempting to throw everything including the kitchen sink into a website page, this can impact on page speed load.

Website-Doctor websites use fast loading website code because in reality customers frequently will not wait around.

All website code is not equal. On this page speed the stats from a website updated from a reasonable load speed to faster loading code. Same pictures, same text – just faster loading code holding it all together. Benefit this will have a better chance of coming up higher in the search results.

7 Secrets of SEO

1 Keyword Research (you can make educated guesses and accept suggestions) but if you want to know what real people are using then the best source is to run some Google Adwords. When examining the stats generated one can usually find the words real people are using. Secondly one can see the words which bring people to your site, but your page does not match what they are expecting to see. Google Adwords could be described as real market research.

2 Google Adwords will also reveal your competitors for each campaign. Highly likely this will reveal companies you were not aware of.

3 This will feed back in to new pages and ad. Campaigns, and the need to modify what appeared to be an OK page.

4 Almost certainly the keywords used by searchers will inspire new sections on existing pages and new pages.

5 Producing regular content will show Google your website is alive and kicking and help you stay topical which from time to time this may lead in to public relations opportunities.

6 Social media is addictive and covers every topic imaginable, ignoring it is not an option in most industries.

7 Looking through various statistics will throw up more ideas for developing your site.

Those who advocate that you can achieve all of the above whilst running your own business are asking a lot. Delegating the above to Website-Doctor will free you up to get on doing what you do best namely running your own business and not trying to be an internet guru.

Beyond Having The “Right” Words

Beyond having the right words there are numerous other factors which Google takes into account when working out in which order to display pages in the results.

In a word links.


Backlinks – clickable links from other websites to yours…

With many websites covering similar topics how does Google decide which page should be first on the index. In reality there are many factors, but one is, how many links does one website have to it when compared to another?

The more links the better is the simplest answer.

Majestic offers subscribers the chance to discover how many links your competitors have and where from.

As a subscriber to the Majestic service I have the answer to literally many hundreds of websites, covering a wide range of topics. Plus the ability to unearth the answer to any news requests.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing who your competitors have backlinks from can be very useful. To discover more please give me a call 0121 458 2665 or use the contact form.

SEO – Summary

Pretty well everyone who offers to build you a website will say they do SEO – search engine optimisation. Most people who make the buying decision on whom to get a new website from have no genuine idea what SEO is. Many people have a partial idea but in truth very few people know how to check their SEO on a new website.

When buyers choose a website and pay for it, they assume that their new website will be optimized to do well in Google. However, the SEO parts tend to be the least visible to the untrained eye. Hence, the buyer thinks they are getting SEO. Only a few weeks after when the site goes live will they realise they are not as visible as they thought they would be. Some SEO can be retrofitted but in many cases that is like fitting the foundations to a building after building has been handed over to the new owners.

Does it matter where you come up in Google? Yes, this can have a big impact on your business.

  • How many enquiries
  • How much Google Adwords cost to run
  • How easy it is to make Google Adwords cost-effective

Chance are the cheapest website supplier will not bother with the SEO part of your website because it adds cost.

It will take you a few months to find this out.

This Pain Can Be Avoided With A Website-Doctor.com Website…