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About Website-Doctor more than just a website

Business Support

Often in life we receive well-meaning but vague instructions on how we should improve.

Eat less and take more exercise.

Few can dispute that is good advice and yet most of us ignore it.

Website-Doctor is about pithy help and advice. Action not procrastination.

Since its birth there has been a huge amount of hype surrounding the Internet, but where can you find honest practical advice, which is then translated in to ACTION! - ?

Marketing Content & Social Media

Attractive looking websites can fail because there has been insufficient thought devoted to the marketing message. a "unique selling point" (USP) - or niche. Whilst good looks might help in certain walks of life, Google cannot see much of what creates a good looking website.

Google mainly sees text, it can understand pictures correctly organised. With we will try and create the right blend of: -

  • Marketing ideas
  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

To create a balanced website which visitors will engage with and Google will serve up on the first page of results.

there is a lot more to a website beneath the surface than many people realise

Marketing Help

Website-Doctor can help you to create a marketing programme which will help you move your business forward to generate new enquiries and interact with your visitors.


Graphics for social media such as Facebook. Social media comes with placeholder graphics, which benefit from being personalised to your cause.

From time such graphics can benefit from being updated.

Facebook Graphics


Adverts for local magazines to reach those not on social media. Whilst newspaper advertising is down, local targeted magazines have remained popular with readers and consequently advertisers.

There is no reason why your website pictures text and logo cannot be repurposed to create adverts - helping to keep the graphics and message consistent and timely.

adverts for local magazines


Vouchers to help promote and thank. Artwork created, printing organised, everyone delighted with the outcome.

Whilst digital can be great there are time when you want to give something physical.

In this promotion the vouchers were numbered so there redemption could be traced.

Vouchers to Promote

Social Media - Content

Social Media is a great chance to reach many people who could be interested in your product / service. Build a rapport with customers and potential customers.

This can provide an opportunity to spread your message through "Word of Mouth" which is probably more powerful today than it has ever been because of the amplification effect of people sharing posts.

Putting out regular posts is a job - requiring at least one photo and some text. Having posted many "stories" about kings Norton Golf Club it is possible to track the rising numbers following the posts. In 2019 it does not make sense to ignore this medium.

If you need help in this area please do get in touch on 0121 458 2665.

Social media

eBay Shop - Help

eBay has become a "Department Store" with many independent traders offering a huge range of goods. If you have not got the time and are unsure how to move forward please do request a quote.

eBay Shop

free website statsFree comprehensive statistics on how your website is performing

When it comes to the stats on your website you will not be left in the dark. Many of our customers come by way of referral because people notice the additional sales generated via their Website-Doctor website. Which is exactly how we plan to keep it.

All Website-Doctor websites come with FREE website stats which you can access at anytime.

On-going Service

Website-Doctor can help with all these: -

  • Updating Copy
  • Creating Pages
  • Google Adwords
  • Print
  • Photography
  • Analysis

For an enthusiastic proactive approach please do get in touch for a free consultation and to move your website project forward successfully.

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