Websites Which Do Well In Google

When people have a problem typically they turn to Google, but not all websites are equal in the eyes of Google.

Service offered –

  • Build a website
  • Promote – Google Adwords
  • Discover which pages are working / which are not working
  • Edit website pages
  • Promote

This cycle can go on for a while depending upon the size of your business / depth of product range. Why this works? – because website users always manage to come up with words which you do not think of initially.

What changes…

Technology for viewing websites.

Screens have gone from several standard sizes at the outset of the internet to literally hundreds of combinations and those devices – tablets and phones can be turned from landscape to horizontal, in today’s world a design needs to reshape to fit the viewing device.

What remains constant? Google –

  • Prefers websites which load quickly
  • Work on all devices
  • Use https “s” for secure
  • Have links from credible websites
  • The website code follows best practice structure

Ensure Your Website Meets The Needs Of Your Users

What do your users want?

  • Easy to find information
  • Authentic
  • Believable
  • Geographically relevant to them in relation to the service they are looking for. You can download software from anywhere – if you need a plumber ideally someone in your town, not several hundred miles away.
  • Text, easy to read
  • Often a phone number which they can call 0121 458 2665.

Easy Editable Websites

In some cases owners want to be able to edit their website once it is constructed. In other cases many owners realise in reality they will never have time. They realise SEO Search Engine Optimisation is an on-going job.

Whether you are looking for:-

  • A new website
  • Help with making Google advertising work
  • A website you can edit yourself (If you want)

Help is at hand – one point of contact, swift implementation – a deep understanding of what works and what does not. Please call 0121 458 2665 or WhatsApp 07980 656 787.

Doulton Doors
Doulton Doors

Garage Doors Composite Doors Double Glazing

Davies Springs
Brochure Website…

Springs From 1 To Thousands

Whilst you could create your own website most are missing lots of important detail and sell your services short.

Phillip Dutton-White

There is no escaping great pictures help make it easier to create an engaging website. Particularly if your gift is to be able to paint classic cars

If you have a van having it covered in your livery is a great way to attract more clients in the same street. If you have a website I can supply the correct type of files for your sign writer.

In truth most websites are not optimised –

  • Many websites are on the slower side.
  • Most now work on a mobile phone – but not very quickly.
  • Few websites are optimised – just because a website designer has website optimisation on their service list does not mean YOUR site is optimised!

Does this matter? – if you want more business then YES, why not get a free review of your site? Call now 0121 458 2665 or use our contact form.

Most people who sell website services have no idea what is required to optimise a website.

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