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Websites Which Change Shape To Fit The Viewing Device

You cannot tell the user they have the wrong device to view your website
instead you need a website which changes shape!


Google Adwords A Great way to promote your website

Google Adwords generates lots of information on how your website is performing which can be used to improve results.

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Google Adwords Training

For those who want to run their own Google Adwords but are overwhelmed.

Google Adwords Training

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Some organisations boast they have 100,000 employees I have seldom found that helpful, here you will not be passed from pillar to post.

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The translation of your needs in to marketing action, allowing you to get on with running your business.


Many websites suffer from hidden issues, slow load speed, missing important ingredients to do well in Google. will take care of such issues.


Almost 20-years of working with clients and their websites and pay per click (Google Adwords).

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Not only websites but advertising for print publications, printed leaflets business cards, leaflets, stationery and much more.

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A. Yes in a word - because most new customers will get to your website first time as a result of searching on something like Google.
A. Precisely because they have under performing websites means you can gain an advantage.
A. Most businesses spend more on generating new sales than they care to admit but when someone finds your website on the internet it is because they are looking to buy - they are trying to search you out - so if your website does not come up in search engines - fewer buyers are going to find your site and therefore you are not going to get as many sales. Consider reviewing your Newspaper spending, your direct sales force efforts. 10 years ago the internet barely existed today it dominates the world.

Under Promise - Over Deliver

Under promise - over deliver - is what you will get from Website-Doctor. No false promises, it's impossible to guarantee to get you to the top spot on Google, (but we have achieved that for many of our clients), doing well in Google is a hugely complicated equation and changes from month to month. What you will get is a site which ticks all the boxes for - valid code, which will work on the four main browsers. Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox Google Chrome & Safari.