What Changes With The Internet Year On Year?

What changes…

Technology for viewing websites.

Screens have gone from several standard sizes at the outset of the internet to literally hundreds of combinations and those devices – tablets and phones can be turned from landscape to horizontal, in today’s world a design needs to reshape to fit the viewing device.

What remains constant? Google –

  • Prefers websites which load quickly
  • Work on all devices
  • Use https “s” for secure
  • Have links from credible websites
  • The website code follows best practice structure

Internet Speed – From Glacial, To Fast

Internet download speeds have gone from 28kbps (very slow for younger people) in the 1990s to 150Mbps in 2024 and even faster if you want it. Once an internet connection was only something some people had at home or in the office, today smartphones enable you to be connected just about everywhere.

This means pictures can be larger, filling the whole screen, people can research information wherever they are. Websites have gone from the novelty, to a critical part of business. Ecommerce means you can purchase just about anything at any time.  Tools like PayPal mean that all businesses, if they have a suitable product/service, can sell online.

Even if you are kept busy by “word of mouth” a website presence can help should your line of work dry up. I recently fixed up a website which had many issues and within days the owner started to notice more phone calls, and those calls translating in to work.

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