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Easily Editable Websites

Digger hire and much more including patios walls and drives.
A living history of everyday folks from around Yorkshire and further afield.
A golf club website for one of the leading clubs in the Leeds area.
Golf club repair and custom built golf clubs for all abilities.
Specialist insurance for lawyers working in England and Wales.
Supply chain management risk management and management training.
House clearance service serving Birmingham and the surrounding areas.
Energy consultants for carbon reduction management through efficiency.
Forklift truck training services serving the whole of Scotland.
Executive coaching to senior leaders in companies often the CEO.
Services for the building industry including crusher hire, concrete and aggregates.
Springs and wires which enable the world we live in today.
History of an area of Leeds which was at the forefront of the industrial revolution.
Skip, tipper hire, concrete and sweeper services and much more for builders serving Birmingham.
Leading springs supplier to the UK, Europe and the USA.

If you have regular updates to your website – then one which you can edit yourself is the way forward. Website-Doctor will get you started and then you can add to it as and when you have new content.


How to update the site is part of the training supplied and if you cannot get something to look how you want help is on hand to fix any problems you might have.

If you only add the odd update once a year – chances are it will be simpler for you send your text and photos, and I will add the content.

Browser / PC / MAC

To update your website you will need a relatively new computer. Sadly if your Mac is a 2007 edition then chances are it will not be up to the job.

Regular Updates – But You Do Not Have Time

Some clients prefer this option. They do not have sufficient work to employ a full time marketing person. You are flat out working on your own business doing what you know.

That is where I can help doing a day’s work a month – spread over the month.

  • Updating the website
  • Other online presences you might have
  • Google Adwords
  • Sending out an email newsletter
  • Creating digital content
  • Facebook
  • Keeping on top of reviews – replying to them

All of the above can make a big difference to helping you discover new customers and bringing them on board. For more information please call 07980 656 787 or use the contact form.

FAQs Re Browser Based Website Systems

Unless you keen to learn how to hand code a website – absolutely. Plus you will have to learn a whole lot more than you ever realised. What was best practice many years ago has moved on. Effectively if you want “over the air updates” then a browser based system is the easiest.

Not as a rule, however if you have an old computer although it might appear able to view websites that does not follow that you will be able to edit a browser based website.  – Security issues can defeat that objective.

Editing a picture before you upload it will provide more control over its size. A picture snapped on a modern pone might be 9mbs in size – and 4640 pixels wide. This is more than double the width of what a typical large computer screen can display.

There are many answers to this question – 1920px is one width and 1080px deep will fill most screens. The larger a picture the larger the image file. Chances are that for most websites more than one quarter of your traffic will come via a mobile phone, often 2/3rds to 3/4qtr. Google wants websites which work well on mobile phones so that goes against large file sizes as that will slow down your site. Smaller pictures could be 600px wide 400px deep.

10mbs down, 2mbs up would be OK. Faster would be better, however you will be perfectly fine with 100mbs down and 20mbs up. There is no need to pay for a faster connection.