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Showcase A Post

Google Is Pickier Than It Once Was

Structured Data – helps Google (and other) search engines understand your website and can increase the chance of your website coming up in the results.

C-3PO Is Coming For Your Job

C-3PO is coming for your job and it may well be sooner than you think.

I Can Teach You To Build Website Pages

20 pages will probably do for most people’s website, so probably, it is not worth going through the pain of learning to do this yourself but if you are aiming for thousands of pages then that is another matter.

Website Refresh Davies Springs

Website refresh for Davies Springs.

If you like your information broken down into small digestible chunks here are a few facts.

Websites with more pages are more likely to be served up on the first page of Google results and nearer the top of the page.

Reason; a greater chance of matching your search query. If you have several hundred pages and another website has 20 pages chances are Google will assume your site is more influential.

The more content your website has the greater the chance people will create links to it. The more natural links a website has the better for coming up on Google results.

With more pages, chances are you will create links to other sites, and they will link back to you.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, if you are a niche player there’s a chance a website with not many pages will be on the first page of results.

This creates a challenge whilst the typical navigation of a website across the top can work fine for a-20 page website there is no chance it can work well for dozens of pages and when you get in to thousands there is zero chance it can work.

The alternative is a navigation based on “query loops” which is a way of segmenting your pages aka content in a variety of ways.

Most recent post first, ideal for a:-

  • Newsletter
  • Opinion piece
  • Product of the month / featured listing

This page demonstrates how the most recent post can be showcased and if a newer post is created that will replace the current featured post.  This process happens “automatically” ensuring you do not have to be a web expert to keep creating content.