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FoodGate The Biggest Threat To The West…

FoodGate: The Break-in, the Cover-up, & the Aftermath

If one watches repeats on TV from the 1970’s and 80’s one thing which you will notice is how much thinner the characters on the screen are.


OK – the world has changed a lot but the increase in weight is profound. I am not immune.

What is the Cause?

Answer – Sugar – Sugar is what is making most of us gain weight. The challenge is, it is hidden everywhere. Cutting out sugar in tea and coffee is a good start but one needs to go much further.

For those who need more “explanation” Dr Rboert H. Lusting shows how large food manufacturers add sugar to practically everything they sell.


Because sugar is very addictive – it is effectively a drug which encourages us to buy more of their products.

If this YouTube video does not stop and make you think – you will almost certainly have dementia.

2013 Credit Suisse Report on Sugar

Spoiler alert – too much sugar is not good for you.

Sadly the report was designed by someone who had little training in typography and what makes for easy reading on a computer screen – the video sets out the case for the prosecution. The defence is well funded as it can rely on the largest and most profitable companies in the world. Because sugar is addictive – many people are hooked on consuming it much of the time without realising what they are doing.

Credit Suisse Report Sugar Crossroads – Click to Download

YouTube Video for a quick summary

The Solution

If you are sure how to pronounce the ingredients, / spell it / or what it looks like do not eat it would be the simplest answer. Buy food and cook it yourself.

In addition to avoiding sugar, oil in food, or used for cooking food, is best avoided it you want to live a long and healthy life.

Turns out oils made from crushing small seeds in the main are not healthy.

  • Beef dripping
  • Butter
  • Lard

Turns out they are the healthy alternative.

This video explains why large companies are not only selling you sugar but highly processed oils which are no good for your healthy.

The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient Making Your Food Toxic

As with sugar it is the “hidden” places where oil is incorporated which can catch you out such as mayonnaise.

In 2012 – 2030 seemed along way away, today it does not seem that far at all…

If you have ever wondered what fat is inside your body, Ruben Meerman explains in an entertaining lecture.

The bit which Ruben misses out is the what to eat less of and what you should eat more of. I like simple answers. If you cannot spell or pronounce the ingredients (and you have no idea what they are and where they come from), then chances are it is not going to be good for you.