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Slowing and Possibly Even Reversing Climate Change

The world endlessly debates the issue of climate change. Only a fool would deny that the climate is changing. However, it turns out that being a fool does not disqualify you from high office.

Allan Savory deserves to be even better known around the world. Reducing our consumption of fossil fuels on its own will not be sufficient to slow climate change. Allan presents a solution which has had a massive impact on the climate and provides people with food, and real purpose in life.

This is a Ted Talk on YouTube if you have any interest in climate change it is worth 23 minutes of your time.

The second video expands on the message in the first and shows that some progress has been made in preserving soil, and reducing climate change. There is clearly still along way to go but Allan Savory demonstrates that with an active management soil can be preserved and improved. Ironically it reminds me of what we were taught in history almost 50-years ago. Four field crop rotation.

The big mistake is to think that these ideas only apply to Africa. The failure of the land to absorb rain leading to flooding is a very common problem in the UK. Some fields near to my local golf club – when it rains in the winter the soil washes away, because the farming practices employed in the UK are not healthy for the soil structure.

Similar Idea Regarding Restoring Land

5 Different projects looking at how with some imagination and labour one can capture water and make it work harder, including reducing flooding.

Yellowstone National Park Restored by 14 Wolves. Sounds ridiculous… but well worth 2 minutes of your time


You need 13 minutes to view the whole story, however if you do have some spare time this is an uplifting story and shows what can be done with a lot of effort. Spoiler alert. A lot of the land in the world does not have to be desert.


An interesting story from the UK where a river rather than being straightened was “rewiggled”. Bends were put back in to the river to slow the current speed. This had a huge impact on the wildlife in the river. Full story.