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When people tell me such and such is a good website 99 times out of a 100 when you look at the website, a more accurate expression for me would be – they have great photos on their website. People like looking at good photos.

The best solution is not to start looking through photo libraries and buying up some photos, but to take your own. The reason is some photos appear more than 5000 times on the internet. Having a stock picture of your “service centre” just takes the edge away what you are doing.

It is not authentic. People like to deal with knowledgeable people who are “honest” have “experience” and “expertise”.

For more great art and photos Dutton-White.com


Landscape photos tend to work better on websites. The reason is computer screens are landscape.


Portrait photos might work on phones in some instances but if you are keen on portrait photos make sure you take the scene in both portrait and landscape.


A lot of video is shot on mobile phones and that can work perfectly fine, but please turn the phone to landscape when you are filming for best results.