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Extracting Floating Plastic Rubbish from Rivers

For many years I have thought for that someone should do exactly what this video does, but I have never taken that thought beyond “removing rubbish from rivers and the oceans has to be a good idea…” Hats off to Boyan Slat.

The UK use to have huge ship building capacity – much of that has gone. It would be nice if in the UK we were able to direct some of our energy in to similar vessels and clean-up projects.

The Ocean Cleanup begins cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Boyan Slat is a hero in the Netherlands and deserves to be a hero around the world for tackling the scourge of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Cleaning Plastic From Rivers

The Battle Continues To Clean Up Rivers

There are many ideas promoted which never actually turn into reality but thankfully this is not one of them.

Sadly the until the root cause of the plastic waste is tackled namely the residents do not have a properly organised refuse collection system this will have to suffice.