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Whilst looking for potential backlinks for Dutton-White.com I stumbled across this company https://lunaz.design/cars/aston-martin  They take a classic car strip it down to all its components and then put it back together again, this time it has an electric motor, battery and no doubt awesome torque.

The cars have all the extras one would expect in 2021 such as air conditioning, WIFI, and sat nav.

The reported range is enough for most daily commutes although the price might mean you save it for a Sunday drive. For me this is more art than a car. One can only hope that they start cranking these out in volume. Something this good should not limited to handful of cars.

Ironically if you want an electric Aston Martin from Aston Martin you will have to wait until 2025. Alternatively this DB6 is available now for only £900,000, no doubt you will have to form an orderly queue.

Electric Cars

As I child I was lucky in that my parents had a modest car but the news repeated the message that oil would run out in 20-years’ time and I therefore assumed that would be the end of cars. Turns out the oil companies simply felt a 20-year buffer of oil reserves was enough and that is why it was always reported there were only 20-years of known oil reserves.

In 2021 it is pretty clear that electric cars are coming. Thanks to one man Elon Musk it is pretty clear that by 2030 Tesla will be the largest car company in the world producing 20 million electric cars per year. No 2 will probably be BYD – a Chinese firm many people have not heard of.

The UK’s Government dictate that there will not allow new ICE sales beyond 2030 looks achievable. Turns out electric cars will become cheaper to own than ICE vehicles. Well before 2030 they will be cheaper to make than ICE. It does not feel like the UK Government and local councils are moving at the pace they need to do but as the deadline looms hopefully they will get moving with EV charging points.

The take away from this is change is coming to all vehicle manufacturers some seem to realise this but some of the largest appear to be the slowest to realise Tesla and Chinese car manufacturers are going to eat their lunch.

Innovation is one of the keywords in business – most companies ignore this at their own cost literally, if the UK is to survive we need to deliver innovation and creativity in all we do.

Electric Dustbin Lorries

Turns out Lunaz is going beyond restoring luxury cars to run on electric. By the end of 2023 they will be recycling refuse trucks. The trucks which run on diesel will have those parts removed and replaced with parts which will enable the vehicle to run on batteries. Well worth a watch if you have any interest in vehicles and future developments.

ICE Car Conversion To EV

This video runs through how it is possible to take out the internal combustion engine from a second hard car and replace that with an electric engine and battery with a range of around 100km. Cost less around £6k. Time to make the transfer less than a working day. For inner city drivers on a budget this could be a good solution.