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Benefits Of Social Media

Most people like to be helpful. Maybe in moderation but most people are happy to set aside some time each day to help a fellow citizen.

Whilst there is far too much moaning about inconsiderate parking on social media it does provide a valuable communication channel. There are some literally cutting edge YouTube channels which have news hours, days, weeks even months ahead of it appearing in the mainstream media.

What is important to remember that whilst many people are on:-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Etc

There are many people who are not. Take a golf club there might only be 30% of the membership on Facebook, i.e. posts do not reach 70% of the membership.

X formerly Twitter can be a great way of reaching some organisations, but it can be a distraction for others. In reality what will be the best blend for your situation will depend upon the target market you are trying to reach.

For a real world appraisal I would be very happy to have a chat.