Lunaz Aston Martin

Electric car innovation applied to classic British cars ensuring that they will remain on our roads for many years to come, something worth saluting.

Phillip Dutton-White

Phillip Dutton-White is an accomplished designer and artist with magnificent catalogue of work some of which is available to purchase online.

Good-Bye Directories Time For A Website

Your own website offers more options and greater control that social media and auction sites which can change their policies overnight leaving you out in the cold.

New Owner, New Website

Innovation – does not only happen in the field of electronics, cars etc. it is possible to come up with new and fresh ideas if you are a butcher and using that can help bring new customers in and keep your existing customers coming back.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Just because your website company says they offer Search Engine Optimisation – does not mean they have applied that to your website.

Extracting Floating Plastic Rubbish from Rivers

For many years I have thought for that someone should do exactly what this video does, but I have never taken that thought beyond “removing rubbish from rivers and the oceans has to be a good idea…” Hats off to Boyan Slat.