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Website Has Yours Run Out Of Steam Let Me Fix It

Many of the websites I have created have been a “takeover” of someone else’s work, typically they have run out of steam, knowledge, time, enthusiasm.

Alternatively the business owner, or a website developer were not a good fit, hence the project never got finished.

All my websites are created with Search Engine Optimisation built in from the start. Which is effectively, segment your market in to the logical parts and I will build you a website to work on those segments.

There are many ways you could build a website but this is the most logical to my mind.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO – For me this not an add-on at the end.

The other component which most website owners do not realise is, many website development companies state, “Experts in SEO” sounds good. That does not mean they will apply that to your website. It is easy to make an assumption that they will add suitable text, but it is easy for me to see if they have. – They frequently do not apply it to their own website – so why would they apply it to yours!

Google Adwords

Once you have a website – it is easy to think, tick that off and on to the next project but chances are you are in an evolving industry – new technology coming along, ways of implementing technology.

Google Adwords can be a good way of getting people to your website – researching what users are searching for. This can lead to new page ideas, ways to more closely match what users are looking for.

I have been running Google Adwords for clients for nearly 20-years, I have reviewed many people Google Adwords Accounts and can see where they are going wrong. Clearly no-one asks one to review a really successful Google Adwords campaign. However, they tend to be the exception rather than the norm.

As with SEO there are many claims which do not add up when you look closer.

To run Google Adwords successfully you need to be able to see the whole picture not just a part, which is why having the developer run your Google Ads is the best combination.

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