Extracting Floating Plastic Rubbish from Rivers

Cleaning The Ocean

For many years I have thought for that someone should do exactly what this video does, but I have never taken that thought beyond “removing rubbish from rivers and the oceans has to be a good idea…” Hats off to Boyan Slat.

The Case For Challenging Conventional Wisdom…

The Case For Challenging Conventional Wisdom… Unchartedx Questions Our Ancient Past If one looks at the objects attributed to people who were supposed to have created them with no more than some simple copper chisels, even though granite cannot be worked with copper. Quality Coverage Support

Face Coverings Save Lives Act Today

The Threader Website has a list of seventy papers of which 31 are written in 2020 which promote the benefit of face coverings in a pandemic to slow its spread. Face Coverings To Be Compulsory From 24th July 2020 In England