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The Case For Challenging Conventional Wisdom…

The challenge in life today is that the conventional wisdom changes rapidly. It was not so long ago it was said that nothing lived at the bottom of the oceans because the water pressure was too great. When cameras went down they found it teaming with life. I can remember being told at school that nuclear energy would make electricity so cheap it would not be metered. Unchartedx.com is a website which simply questions the conventional wisdom and asks did people really make objects found around the world with copper chisels and some primitive hammers? These days it would seem impossible to achieve the results which have been found in Egypt and attributed to some manufacturing techniques.
Unchartedx Questions Our Ancient Past

If one looks at the objects attributed to people who were supposed to have created them with no more than some simple copper chisels, even though granite cannot be worked with copper.

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Disruptive ideas tend to be the ones which move businesses, sports or people forward.

Fresh thinking usually requires people to reimagine the conventional wisdom. Once it was thought the earth was flat. Most people now recognise the earth is round. The application of emerging technologies drives new thinking and ways of working.

Newspaper advertising for many years helped drive many companies’ sales. Today newspapers are mainly surviving by going online. Many regional newspapers have fallen by the wayside.

Online advertising has grown rapidly.

Online sales have taken sales from bricks and mortar shops.

Sales reps have been replaced by websites. These changes have had a profound effect on how business needs to organise. Many companies websites are not as well orgnised and coded to get the maximum from Google. Best practice is a moving target.

Climate Change

Most weeks, if not every day, climate change is in the news. However, there is an assumption that the climate is fixed. This idea is not based upon science. The climate has been changing for the last 500 million years which is a reasonable amount of time to look at. For less than 1 million of those years man has not played any part in those changes. Indeed many has only been affecting the climate for the last 10,000 years at most.

Dan Britt explains what drives the changes in our climate.

Changing Screen Sizes…

Driven by how users have evolved from using 800 x 600 pixel screens to 1024 x 768 to hundreds of different sizes to mobile phones which yet again come with a huge variety of screen sizes.

Some websites have evolved to accommodate the new screen sizes conundrum, some have not, – Those sites are for certain losing business, because Google serves up mobile phone friendly sites first in the results.

However navigation is often over looked and the once popular drop down menus are not easy to use on a mobile phone. Changing to simple buttons and text is popular with users causing them to spend more time on a website.

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