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What Does Cloud Computing Look Like?

by Charles Willcock

What Does Cloud Computing Look Like?

Inside cloud computing

One of the daftest phrases in modern day usage is “cloud computing” – websites, digital pictures, words, software components live on servers. Those servers live in giant warehouses. Managed 24-7×365.

  • Massive security with bomb proof doors
  • 4 back-up power systems – plus power from the grid
  • 2 separate data feeds one from the north one from the south of the building.

The servers are stacked from the floor to the internal ceiling. The building is 40% full. This facility is one of the most sophisticated data warehouses in the UK. This is where my server lives.

Daily backup are sent to another site operated by Google, just in case a large plane like the twin towers crashes into the data centre. This is also less than 2 minutes from the M5 and less than 10 minutes from Mercia Polices headquarters.

The site is watched over by 160 video cameras, with razor barbed wire all around the outer perimeter. The site is Category IV which turns out to be the highest level of security and redundancy which is measured. This is as good as it gets.