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Spam – How To Stop It, Without Blocking Users

Spam emails have dropped off with Artificial Intelligence (AI) being used to throttle back such messages in to either your Spam folder or Junk Mail, or block them altogether. Whilst not perfect – we have all found vital emails in those folders and received spam in our Inbox. With a bit of human intervention it is possible to ensure that you are getting more of what you want and much less of what you do not want.

With laws trying to throttle back the amount of spam, spammers have turned to bombarding website forms with unsolicited offers. Some are harmless sales propositions – many are just offensive.

Stopping spam from your website form is no small task. Some captcha tests are indeed a test which some legitimate users fail. With the internet being 24/7/365 for most businesses having an out of regular business hours phone contact is not realistic.

A website form is the answer, and you can get back to an enquirer via email or phone. This website uses the latest Google technology to filter spam from legitimate messages. Better still there are no

  • Letters to try and figure out
  • Pictures to interpret
  • Sums to do!

If you are sick of spam emails from your website forms – why not have a chat as to what the options are. Please ring 0121 458 2665 or use our contact form.