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Voice Search On Mobile Phones And Desktops On The Rise

by Charles Willcock

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Business Strategies Keep Evolving

Voice Search On Google Is Growing

Why Does This Matter

In the 1970s being near a Marks & Spencer’s shop was seen as essential for other retailers. Developers would try and secure a M & S as an anchor store in a new shopping centre. 2023 If you are under 20 chances are you will not believe this. Today Google search dominates the UK economy and being found on the first page of results is where it matters.

Today many websites get more than half their traffic on a mobile phone. The exceptions are business to business sites which people only use in the main whilst they are at work. Example: If you make springs then 2/3rds of your traffic will be on a desktop. If you are Business to Consumer then you can flip those stats. Example you sell and fit garage dors. (Tablets are virtually dead when it comes to search.)

This has an implication for business owners because more and more people are searching using voice commands. They are not typing words in to their mobile but instead speaking in to it.

Why does that matter?

If a user has to type the question / query in to Google chances are they are going to use short words, easy to spell. However, if people do not have to type the words, but can just speak them in to their phone then that constraint is gone.

Meaning words which would have had a lower probability of being put into a search query now have a higher chance of being used.

Google is like snap trying to match what people search for with what it has indexed.

Garage door


Side hinged garage door

If you are speaking in to your phone rather than typing chances are you going to use more words to describe what you are looking for, and you are going to be more specific. There is no need to avoid long words,

Accepting that is the case and the trend is growing for voice powered search – then having more specific pages which Google will take people to will make more sense. I.e. in the arms race of being found on the internet, websites with more pages are likely to score better in organic searches than websites with fewer pages.