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I Can Teach You To Build Website Pages

Formed in 1956 Aireborough Historical Society asked me in 2012 if I could build them a website. At the time I thought it might get to 20 pages. Today there are more than 2000 pages of which the vast majority have been added by their own team members. The site has received millions of page views and someone from most countries of the world with the exception of Outer Mongolia, have viewed at least one page.

What to me is remarkable, Aireborough is a district of Leeds. It was one of the first places to join the industrial revolution more than 200-years ago. Few places have such a well documented history, not just pictures but thoughtful text to go with the pictures.

I created a base structure, and they replicated and swapped out unwanted pictures and text and replaced that with the relevant text. Virtually all training has been done remotely and no-one under 50 has worked on the project.

20 pages will probably do for most people’s website, so probably it is not worth going through the pain of learning to do this yourself, but if you are aiming for thousands of pages then that is another matter, or you know you will have lots of updates, because your website will become a communication tool to participants.

Formed in 1952 The Society of Leeds Golf Captains exists to provide a chance for current and former golfer who have had the honour to be there golf club captain to meet and play.

They were looking for an easy to update option, and I was delighted to provide them with a solution. This is much easier to update than the previous website and has helped modernise the look of the society.

In time, I am sure they will add some more photos to fill out the pages. One other feature this works on a mobile phone.

They use the Matches to show who is playing where and when being able to update this whenever they want themselves helps keep the site relevant and functioning in a timely way.