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Goodbye To Directories, Time For A Website

It is never too late to get a website. Today chances are that most of your visitors will arrive via their mobile phone therefore you will need a mobile phone friendly website (from Website-Doctor). Being mobile phone friendly is important to Google, mobile phone friendly websites are given preference to ones which put desktop first.

To be specific, i9f your website is aimed at consumers then around 75 – 80% of the visitors will arrive via a mobile phone, the balance will be via a desktop.

If your product is an industrial type applications then you can swap those numbers round, but that still means 25% could be coming on a mobile phone.

If you deal with a lot of small businesses you can probably go 50 : 50 as self-employed / small business people do not have to worry about looking at their mobile phone.

All the best to Guest Equestrian and their new website.