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AHS 2000 Plus Pages

by Charles Willcock

AHS 2000+ Pages

In the May 2012 I accompanied my elderly parents on a coach trip run by Aireborough Historical Society to Edinburgh. The reason being they would wander off and not return to the coach at the correct time (they were both in the mid-eighties).   On that coach trip the subject of websites came up and I mentioned that I built them and maybe I could help.

In my imagination I thought I will build them a 20 page website two years later they will probably tell me they do not want the domain name renewed. It never crossed my mind that the site would today have more than 2000 pages of content.  I have never seen anything for any other area of the country which is so comprehensive with pictures dating back to the beginning of photography and drawings which go back further.

Most of the content was added initially by Carlo Harrison and when Carlo stood down Jack Brayshaw stepped forward and took over.

As website development software has progressed we have updated the site and today marks the end of another major update.

Websites are never finished only published.

Aireborough is a district of Leeds is where I grew up and it is emotional to have played a part is such a magnificent project.

Aireborough Historical Website 2000 plus pages

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