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Spam – How To Stop It, Without Blocking Users

All new Website-Doctor.com websites come with the latest Google Captcha Code system which does a great job of reducing spam emails without asking the form user to try and decipher some text.
Spam – How To Stop It, Without Blocking Users

Examples Of News – Why You Should Consider News or a Blog Page

On this page there are some news items. Essentially demonstrating that a Word Document can be turned in to a website page for your site with minimal effort on your behalf. The content on this page was generated by AI however you do have to add some magic dust to make pages work in Google.

“Content is king” is a saying which goes back almost to the beginning of the internet. Whilst you can have a one page website unless you are pub 10 miles from anywhere chances are you will get over looked in favour on a website with more details. Whilst you could have a website of many pages if they are all filler chances are that will not do you any favours.

Meaningful content, your own pictures and a structure Google can index are all ingredients of being found on the web. This website uses powerful technology supported by an army of developers to get it at the forefront on website development whist remaining affordable.

A picture paints a thousand words. These pages under News, Website Tips, Secrets, and Blog endeavour to provide more interest than just adding Latin text and some vanilla pictures.

Showcasing your work is the best way to generate more.