Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Google Adwords

In the UK there are only 2 forms of advertising which are growing – outdoor digital bill boards and pay per click.

Pay per click did not exist until companies like Google needed to earn revenue – today it is playing a pivotal role in the advertising programmes of many companies both huge and small.

Today Google and Facebook vie for the position as largest advertising platforms in the world.

Many agencies think the secret of Adwords is to get as many people as possible to click on your ad. However, what you really want is people who are interested and have budget to spend on your product / service. Otherwise – if they are unlikely to convert in to an invoice.

If they are not geographically relevant to the area you serve – then there is no point in engaging with them. I mention this because I have seen many Adwords campaigns which are not effectively targeted, at cost to the company paying for the clicks.

3 Powerful Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

1 Quick to get started – could be as little as 24-hours. For existing Website-Doctor customers that could be shortened to a few hours.

2 Highly targeted – both geographically and by what people are searching for. It may be the only way to fight through the advertising crowd in organic searches.

3 Helps you refine your organic search efforts by helping to focus on which words people are searching for to reach your site.

Alternatives are often expensive, inflexible and unresponsive

When you advertise using:

  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Direct Mail

With traditional advertising It does not take much effort to spend hundreds of pounds, indeed thousands, but a huge proportion of that expenditure is wasted as those who you reach are not ready / in a position / interested, in your product or service at that moment in time.

With Pay Per Click advertising you are only paying to reach people who are looking for your product or service at that moment.

Target people looking for you!

Pay per click targets people who are looking for your product or service – at the time they are looking for such a service.

You can control your budget.

You can test different ideas.

If you spend any money on advertising you should be considering Google Adwords. A few years ago it never existed, but for some companies it is a key factor in their rapid growth and profitability.

When times are tough, you need to get the most out of every pound spent on advertising – Pay Per Click offers that opportunity better than any other option.

To Maximize Your Return On Google Adwords…

Can anyone run your Google Adwords Campaign?

In reality for the best results the person running your Google Adwords Campaign needs to be: –

  • Passionate about building you a great website
  • With Google friendly content and navigation
  • Then have the ability to modify your website and adverts based upon the feedback in your Google stats

The reason being to make Google Adwords cost effective one needs to be able to modify your website as well as the adverts to help raise your Google Quality Score which is a critical ingredient of success; and that is centred around the page you take visitors to, from your adverts.

How The Google Auction Works…

This 9 minutes 12 seconds video explains one of the most important issues in business today namely how to make Google Adwords work – and therefore is definitely worth watching.

You might want to watch it more than once. If this does not make much sense to you have no fear it does to me, and through the application of best practice I can reduce the cost of your advertising and reduce wasted clicks.

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