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Why Have A Blog or News Section?

In this blog section of the website I have showcased a number of YouTube channels and ideas which I find interesting and I hope you will too.

Why have a Blog or New section on your website?

Often there are topics which you want to give visibility too but they do not sit easily on the other pages.

A blog is a chance to give a shout out to whatever is on your mind. They also offer the chance to work with others and provide links to them and in return those people can return the favour.  The amount of knowledge in the world is expanding at an exponential rate. One needs to find people who are sifting through that news and keeping abreast of what is happening. Main stream media has lost that role.

Their journalists are too general in most cases. Jack of all trades master of none. They are too constrained in what they can say. How often have you heard someone on the TV or Radio just about to make an important point and they say. “We are out of time and now to a story about cat stuck up a tree for two days…” Or the other favourite of the BBC. Expert, “the earth is round”. Person found who has a contradictory view. “If it was round we would all fall off”. BBC presenter. “Well there we have it, who knows if the earth is round or flat?”

Sandy Munro rarely stays on script for before he really says that he thinks. His body language speaks volumes. When reviewing one car part he nearly physically exploded with rage when someone showed him something he disapproved of. We do not want the world to be sugar coated.

Email Newsletter or Newsletter Page On Your Website?

Choice, email all your content in a newsletter to everyone or put a newsletter on your website and send a link to that content in an email?

The big benefit of putting your content on your website and then sending out an email with a link to your list is your content is visible to a wider audience and that can live on for many more months / years continuing to work for you.

Of course some content might not be suitable for the wider world therefore you could go for a mixture of the two.

Whichever option you go for most email is read on a mobile phone – make sure your text can be read on a mobile phone, otherwise you are just wasting your time.