Landscape Photos

The above picture was taken on my mobile phone using the “Ultra Res” option which creates the largest photo by pixel size. For me this option created a photo.

9280 pixels wide and 6944 pixels deep.

A typical computer screen cannot display that and I edited the photo down to:-

1920 x 1080 pixels.

That size will fill the screen and can be used as a background image.

Next time you are taking a photo which might be useful on your website see if you can take it landscape with the highest resolution setting possible. – the best way to send large photos

This is an excellent service for forwarding photos.

The free version works perfectly fine.

To create the above effect please supply the original photo.

The original photo was 22.8MB which will almost certainly not email successfully on a typical email – however once edited down it is about 300KB on the page which is perfectly fine.

Unless you edit your settings on WhatsApp the standard size picture when sent through that service comes out 1024 pixels wide. OK if you only want the picture to cover half the page.