Where Now For The UK Economy?

In 2020 the trends which had been evident for a number of years suddenly became accelerated with Covid-19.

Once people had to work in offices – because that is where the technology was.

As businesses moved from typewriters to PC’s and companies learned the benefit of those PCs be linked together. Everyone had to be in the same or a nearby building. Which is why office workers often travelled to work.

Along comes the super fast internet – no-one takes much notice because they are still going to the office and use the internet to watch videos at home.

March 2020 the Government ask people to work from home. Because many people have a laptop and fast internet connection this is not a show stopper.

Will People Return To Working In Offices?

Yes! Because people working in groups generate more than working alone.

Zoom replicates a meeting. Having spent nearly 40-years going to meetings, and a few months using Zoom it is pretty obvious that Zoom is good, but is no substitute for being in a room and arguing your point. Zoom tends to work more like a TV broadcast than an interactive meeting. Of course whilst Covid-19 remains a threat then Zoom is a better than everyone getting ill. But longer longer term the companies which abandon offices and working as teams will suffer in comparison to those which work in the same physical building.

Working in offices makes people more productive and creative.