Search Using Google Top Tips

Tips For Searching Google

Whilst most people use Google to search the internet. Many people are unaware of how they can refine their searches with some simple keyboard characters.

Compression springsWill find results with compression in the text and also pages to do with springs - this will generate a lot of results.
"compression springs"This will reduce the results to only compression springs, those two words in that order.
business club -LondonWill find pages with business club but not London note the - minus sign before London
golf clubs +BirminghamThis will reduce the results to only golf clubs, in Birmingham.
golf terms ~glossaryEmphasis is on glossaries, dictionaries, lists of terms, terminology the character before the word glossary is a Tilde hash Key plus shift ~tilde means "is similar to"
define: agglomeration Definition of the word - agglomeration why large cities work.
site: Site: searches only the Aireborough Historical Society website - very useful if you are looking for something specific on one website. Example "apperley bridge station" site: