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Search Engines -
Driving Today's Economy
Does your company come up in Google?

Today with most people being on line 100% of the time when they are in front of a computer - when a question arises they simply key words in to a search engine.

That question could be as simple as - What is our suppliers telephone number? - Ring them and order some more...

No longer do people fumble around looking for telephone numbers they just Google the question.

No problem if you come up on the first page - major disaster if you do not, or have no website.

organising a website to do well in organic searches is like a game of chess - it takes a little time to be a winner Search Engine Ranking

To generate enquiries through search engines from your website - you need to come up typically on the first page of any results.

This is the challenge.

Something like 80% of new visitors will arrive at your website - if they arrive at all, as the result of punching words in to a search engine.

If you are not coming up - your company is not even reaching first base in the sales process.

This is the equivalent of the salesman who never picks up the phone.

Full of excuses but promising to make that call... - later.

our goal is to get you on the first page of results 
and preferably in the top few

Do not miss out on the chance of new business

Well of course whilst he is not picking up the phone others know the result...your company never gets a sniff of any new business opportunities whilst others are busy closing the deal. Your business is constantly struggling to survive, focusing on cost saving measures, who to sack next, and business survival.

Sales are the life blood of all organisations.

The impact of the internet is so dominant today it is the equivalent of the car and telephone rolled into one.

National Sales or even Global Sales are now possible

No longer are you confined to selling to those who gather in the local corn exchange, street market or who can walk to your shop. The world is your oyster, well maybe not for everyone, but with the cost of shipping - if you choose your partners carefully, tumbling - low delivery costs mean national sales are very realistic. No longer need you be confined to your traditional catchment area.

Final thought - if you can sell nationwide or even worldwide - so can your competitors - if you are not doing so they may well be...worse still you might never know. If someone sets up a new shop everyone can see that - if they are taking orders over the internet then all you may see is a courier delivering a parcel.

If sales is of any interest to you, and you need help, the Website-Doctor is on hand - for a quick response please call or text 07980 656787 where you can be sure of a friendly bedside manner.

organising a website to do well in organic searches is like a game of chess - it takes a little time to be a winner Why search engine ranking matters

If you agree search engine ranking matters and you are top of the pile relax take a break and stop reading...if you are not top of the pile but still are not sure if this really matters... consider this thought.

Have you ever looked for something on a search engine you are not interested in?

If, yes, the Samaritans can be contacted on 08457 90 90 90 ...If no, of course not, was your response - because you are too busy - you only look on the internet when: -

  • You are thinking of buying a product or service
  • Researching more facts about a subject
  • Or are contemplating if something exists and can you afford it

Then you are just as sane as the rest of us.

Obviously we all want to be found when someone is thinking of buying a product / service which we sell...

Is your website performing as well as it could / should?

Unlikely the person who designed it is going to tell you.

Maybe it was an internal job - obviously led by the most web literate member of staff - but whilst enthusiasm is great it may not be sufficient to ensure that you are getting the results you deserve.

Many people enlist the help of a friend - who offers to put a site together for next to nothing - which sounds great we all like something for nothing - but if it does not bring in any / much business - it many not be as "cheap" as you first thought.

Maybe you commissioned an outside firm to come up with the goods and often the results can look great, but looking great, is not the same as having a website which works well in a search engine.

The Website-Doctors mission is not to rubbish what you have got already but to help, with a fast practical courses of treatments designed to quickly cure any ills.

FREE websites are often the most expensive!
Reason - They do not bring in any business!
They never get finished or maintained.

Why not get a website review?

With less than 20% of websites getting close to being as good as they could be there is a very high chance the Website-Doctor can help you climb up the search engine rankings and thus help drive more business to your website, and the start of the sales process.

Indeed the new Google algorithm may have affected your page ranking substantially - do not stand by passively and let your competitors pick up the new business act now to defend your market share.

Not convinced?

Just in case you missed this article in IT Week the following point were made...

Many medium-sized firms are losing revenue because they do not submit their web sites to search engines and are therefore missing potential visitors and custom, according to new research by web hosting firm Fasthosts.

In a survey of 2,094 small and medium-sized businesses, nearly half said they did not submit their sites to any search engines, according to Fasthosts' SMEs On The Web report. And two-thirds of internet users said they only look at the first two pages of search results.

"The principal issue is a lack of knowledge about search engines," said Fasthosts chief executive Andrew Michael. "There is still a misperception among SMEs that elevating your web presence and optimising your web site for search engines is some kind of black art."

Conrad Bennett, European technical services director of web analytics specialist WebTrends, said he was not surprised by the survey's findings. "It is an opportunity missed for a lot of companies - you can't afford to have someone searching for your name and [for them] to find your competitor's name instead," he said.

Meanwhile, a separate survey has highlighted the growing importance of the web to firms' marketing strategies. According to WebTrends' CMO Web-Smart Report, most organisations plan to increase their investment in web marketing during 2006.

WebTrends questioned 250 marketing executives and more than 50 percent said the web was either at the hub of their organisation's marketing strategy, or would achieve this position in the next year.

More than 80 percent said they planned to increase investment in the web over the coming year, but most rated their firms' collective knowledge of the latest web marketing trends and technologies as poor.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

By way of analogy - you probably drive a car - you probably do not service it. - The Website-Doctor will fine tune your existing site - if that is possible. If that is not possible there is only one prescription - a new site - but there may be photos and text which can be salvaged - the doctor is mindful that patients do not like large unnecessary bills - and you can be sure that any investment will have a realistic Return on Investment (ROI).

ROI is not a phrase commonly seen around the internet - one more factor which makes our approach different.

Why does Search Engine Optimization matter?

Google - the worlds most successful search engine In the UK most searches are going through 4 search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

Yes, there are other search engines but the only one which really matters is Google - if your site comes up well in Google then it will come up in other search engines - If the people you are trying to reach cannot find your site - what does it matter that it looks terrific.

In a survey of websites the doctor was able to confirm that less than 20% are optimised for search engines.

Another point to consider is that this is becoming a more complicated job - making it harder for the casual developer to stay on top of.

Great news for website owners who do care.


Because it is a zero sum game.

If every website was optimised for search engines - it would be much harder to get a good ranking, but with so few caring about their ranking this is your opportunity to get ahead of your competitors - grab the new business and keep those customers.

If you would prefer not to waste another minute contact the Website-Doctor now on 07980 656787 for a speedy response.

Website-Doctor will do much of the work

The Doctors experience of working with those who commission websites is that they are often very busy. Whilst having unimpeachable intentions they simply do not have sufficient hours in the day to tackle this job - but they can find a few minutes to review / correct and provide feedback on pages which the Doctor has prepared - in a few words the Website-Doctor will do the work.

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