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Review & Refine

Review and Refine

The key to Internet success is to review your website statistics to understand your successes and failures which will allow you to refine your activities thus allowing for the more precise targeting of your marketing.


These are the words which people use to find your website - this data is a valuable resource. If you do not have access to such data you need to address that as a priority.

free website statsFree comprehensive statistics on how your website is performing

Once it was "gut feeling" which drove marketing today all companies can use sophisticated analytics which can guide your marketing and sales effort.

Competitor analysis including backlinks

All businesses face competition; sometimes you are very aware of your competitor around the corner, maybe from time to time you help each other out, in today's internet world people are frequently unaware of all their competitors. No longer do people have to have a physical presence.

Courier companies can transfer items around the world in hours and certainly days let alone within the UK.

With's help we can review and evaluate your competitors and develop strategies to help you keep one step ahead.

This might sound trivial but like some many concepts in the Internet World, they can be expressed in a sentence but turn out to be huge subjects, mainly because of the mighty power of Google.

Very few people in small businesses in the UK truly understand the power Google wields over their destiny. (They are highly likely to have even less idea if they run a large business, but that is an irrelevancy. If you are the size of Lloyds Bank you can always rely on the Government to bail you out with billions more if you mess up).


Amazingly it is possible to discover who is linking to your competitors or even your own site. This can be valuable information in the right hands, because it is a key ingredient in how Google ranks the results returned. If you would like to know more about coming up higher in the search results in Google please do get in touch.

Stay ahead of your competitors

As each year passes by it becomes evermore essential to rise to the challenge of staying ahead of your competitors and with you have a partner which can help you move forward in the race to be found in Google.

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