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QR Code Quick Reponse QR Code -
"The Next Big Thing"

If you have got a smart phone you have the hardware to scan the code left.

If you cannot you can download the software for free from sites such as QR Coder Generator as a FREE App. With the software on your phone a quick scan will reveal that the code takes you the domain which is of course is this domain, the point is you did not have to type the URL to be able to click through to the domain. It is a paper based hyperlink!

A picture - some words - and a paper based hyperlink!

This technology would work the same if you had a longer domain name you wanted to take a visitor to. So summarising QR Codes offer the chance to take people easily to your website, and especially to deep links with longer URL's.

Save keying in details just scan: -

  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Accurate

If you have the worlds fastest fingers and entering data is something you can do in your sleep this might not seem a big deal, but for those with fat fingers (like me) who find keying data in to a smart phone tricky at best if not downright difficult the code left contains my contact details. So rather than type them in to your phone you can "photograph" my QR Code and you have captured me as a contact.

Save having to type / key details in to your phone
My name: Charles Willcock
Phone number 07980 656 787
Email Address

And it does not stop there it will even show the location of the postcode on a map.

These details can be captured with just a click as easy as taking a photo!

Why QR Code will catch on

QR Code is not new - what is new is the fact that many people already carry round a scanner, those numbers will increase to nearly 100% of the economically active population within the next 3-years as smart phones become the norm.

This makes it much easier to put a large amount of data in a small space which can be captured easily and then used actively. Expect to see QR Code on the contact page of websites in the future and just about everywhere else.

Classic QR Applications: -

Free Text whatever you want in a text and numbers format 450 character limit  
A phone number E-mail address
URL - web address Calendar event 
SMS message Contact information

Uses for QR Code

  1. Put a lot of information is a small space
  2. Create a connection between a smart phone and a website or phone number
  3. Track print based media to measure response
  4. Boost the power of print or emails
  5. Enhance loyalty programmes
  6. Take customers from packaging to product information on the web - wine labels is one example expect to see this application everywhere within the next 12-months

QR Code is set to become a new language because of its flexibility to contain user defined content in a compact machine readable format. If you are interested in having QR Code on your website to help your visitors obtain your details more easily why not get in touch?

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