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Promote Your Website...

With millions of websites and billions of pages promoting your website is vital for success, but do not overlook the obvious ones...

  • Business Cards
  • Literature
  • Printed Adverts
  • Packaging
  • Stationery
  • Van / Lorry / Wheel cover

Website-Doctor can create and organise the supply of your print, point of sales, adverts and business stationery.

In a recent project the web page was converted in to: -

  • A leaflet and 5000 were distributed locally
  • Point of sale on the counter in the shop.

Allowing a consistent them to be carried through and a very successful cost effective marketing campaign ensued.

If you have a shop or premises how about placing your domain name over your premises?

Not unusual today - this was one of the first shops in the UK to have the domain name over the front.

your domain name above your shop or premises

Links to your site

There are many opportunities to create links to your website which cost very little other than your time and effort.

  • Create content and promote with links back to your website
  • Google
  • Issue News Releases
  • Open Directory Project -
  • Reciprocal links with appropriate websites
  • Trade Organisations in your sector
  • QR Code

Big up your business on Social Media

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

There are many more which you can explore, Website-Doctor can work with you and install the tools you will need, which will make these ideas a reality. Many people find that joining a gym or a weight watchers groups can help them achieve their goals and working with Website-Doctor will help you raise your businesses profile on the internet.

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