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- but the only real location to be these days is near the search results in Google...

The amount of advice surrounding what you should be doing reference the internet grows exponentially each year, but there is one thought to keep in mind and that is "Location Location Location", and the relevance of this thought.

People with problems are open to spend money.

People with problems search Google.

The people who come up nearest the search results get the most website traffic > enquiries > sales.

So the Question is; Are we coming up near the answers in Google?

location location location

Smartphone's and Tablets

In todays world and beyond requires your website to be responsive, one which adapts to fit the viewing device. The reward for those who have such a site is more traffic and visitors who stay longer. is about helping your business be found near the search results in Google. So if you are looking for help in being found in Google please do get in touch.

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