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Live Chat...Improving Communications -
Increasing Sales?

With internet speeds increasing and consumers expecting yet more information and higher communication standards Live Chat offers one more tool in your communication armoury. Why not have it added to your site?

What's wrong with the phone?

There is nothing wrong with the phone, and of course advanced communicators could use both. The big benefit of Live Chat is that it enables you to not only reply to typed messages,
but to: -

  • Forward email links for your visitors to explore.
  • Provide additional files such as: -
    • Pictures
    • Word / Excel
    • PDF's
  • Increases the chance of closing the sale - because our system allows you to see in real time who is on your website and if you wish to invite them to have a chat!

As you become more organised with Live Chat you will develop a suite of FAQs and there answers, just be careful not to make it feel like those contacting you are just another number.

The Business Case For Live Chat

  1. 1 Discover if anyone is on your website in real time / which pages they are looking at / and then the knock-out business case - ask them if you can help?
  2. 2 An operator could be handling more than one client interaction - thus increasing productivity.
  3. 3 Web chat shows your clients that you care.
  4. 4 Link contact and service together by enabling you to record information and get back to your clients.
  5. 5 If your client are overseas - initially they might not be comfortable with a log distance phone call - Live Chat overcomes this issue.
  6. 6 Enhanced data on who is visiting your website, which pages are they are arriving at, how they navigate around your site.

Live Chat web chat software is not just for the likes of BT, it is now available to all companies via and our partner, like everything, trying it is the best way to understand how it could work for you, and your company to boost your sales.

Getting started with Live Chat

Steps, contact - If we created your site, Website-Doctor will take care of the coding and you will be up and running within a few days. To work there needs to be some special website code on each page which is linked to your account but do not panic about that we will take care of all that.

These graphics are a little dated...

N.B. the graphics below are now a little dated but the functionality is the along the same lines.

Live Chat Login

Login in to your live chat

Site Id:

If you are using your computer tick the Auto Login box beneath Password:

Live Chat Login Visitor Monitor

Live Chat Login Visitor Monitor

Navigate to Live Chat and click on Visitor Monitor This will open a new window

Live Chat Login Online or Away

This drop down menu offers the choice of Online or Away

If you are logged in and have the Away option selected you will be able to see when people are: -

  • Online
  • Which page they are on
  • Which pages they have visited
  • If they have visited your website before
  • When they visited your website before
  • Which country they are from and potentially which area they are in that country (region does not work perfectly, and country is not 100% reliable) but in many cases it will be right

You will also see the IP address of the visitor. - This can be potentially useful as large companies frequently have static IP addresses and it is not unheard of for small companies to have their own IP address.

You could change your setting from Away to Online and see if they request more information, after all they almost certainly will have reached your website via a search engine, so they must be looking for something which has some sort of match to the content on your website.

Alternatively you could say "Hello, can I help you" and invite them for a chat! You need to be online to do that. To do that click on the line with visitor you intend to chat with.

Invite a visitor for a chat

Next click Invite button - they will have to accept and you will be linked.

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