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Google Power User Tips On Finding Information

Search phrase

Comment - Finds pages containing

The words solihull golf club or solihull networking

Will find find solihull golf club or solihull networking

"golf club"

The exact phrase in that order note the " marks

golf club -london

Will find pages with golf club but not london
note the - minus sign before london

golf club +midlands

+midlands causes an emphasis on midlands in the results

golf club ~glossary

Emphasis is on glossaries, dictionaries, lists of terms, terminology the character before the word glossary is a Tilde hash Key plus shift ~tilde means "is similar to"


All search results for golf club and golf club i.e. all variations note the - between the two words

define: golf club

Definition of the word

Site: searches only one site so to search just the Kings Norton golf Club site for references to Twitter use

golf clubs #..#

golf clubs #2004..2009# using the # and dates reduces the search to between the dates 2004 and 2009

golf clubs Filetype:pdf

Would find pdf documents relating to golf clubs

golf clubs Filetype:ppt

Would find PowerPoint documents relating to golf clubs

golf clubs Filetype:xls

Would find Excel documents relating to golf clubs

golf clubs Filetype:doc

Would find Word documents relating to golf clubs

book golf clubs

Book related search


Allinanchor:golf club The anchor text is the text which appears in the web link to golf clubs

inanchor:golf club

inanchor:golf club a wider search term

allintext:golf club

Must appear in the text on a page so a wider search than above

intext:golf club

golf club Intext:midlands

allintitle: golf club

Allintitle: golf club with this search term the two words golf and clubs must appear in the title of the page

intitle: golf club

Intitle: golf club wider version of above

allinurl: golf club

allinurl: golf club golf and clubs must appear in the name of the website.

inurl: golf club

inurl: golf club one of the words at least must appear in the name of the website

author: gerber author: golf clubs

Will bring up sites referencing gerber and golf clubs

Initially it can appear that there is an unmanageable amount of data sitting in cyberspace but the above terms can narrow the data down to manageable proportions.

Google searches can be targeted at the Web or Images

Google Alerts

Google Alerts scans the Internet continually looking for words which you define which could be useful for your golf.

This free service can bring pages to your attention which can be used to power your sales effort. Working quietly in the background Google will send you an email with links in to your predefined stories. To make the most of this opportunity why not contact Website-Doctor for help in turning this powerful feature in to sales.