Professor De Kai explains in plain English how wearing face masks saves lives. This is something he is passionate about. This information has been known for months. His explanation is far simpler than that put forward by the Royal Society and much easier to understand.

This video has the same message – wearing masks saves lives.

To be effective they can be home made. – The problem the UK Government suffers from is masks protect others from the spreader. They stop the droplets of virus reaching others.
In a hospital the more sophisticated masks protect the wearer.
The difference seems lost on the UK Government.

Shame as this is causing the virus to keep on spreading.

The Lancet – The Magazine for Doctor

Easy to think how can we trust someone who is Chinese?

The Lancet is read by highly educated people, not known for pushing crazy ideas.


Mass masking for source control is in our view a useful and low-cost adjunct to social distancing and hand hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic. This measure shifts the focus from self-protection to altruism, actively involves every citizen, and is a symbol of social solidarity in the global response to the pandemic.

We declare no competing interests.

For many years face masks were made from cotton and were washable – they were reusable. Then came the throwaway society and suppliers persuaded purchases to move to ones which were only worn once. what could go wrong with that?

Apart from the supply drying up / not able to meed demand.

If everyone in the UK had a 4 ply cotton face masks – say 14 you could wash them regularly and never run out. A bit like underwear!

Result pandemic would be quickly brought under control.

For those who prefer a more rigorous scientific approach to the question. “Does wearing a face mask during a coronavirus pandemic save lives?

There is no skimping on the technical details here from the The Royal Society – Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences published 10th June 2020

If wading through this huge article is more than you can face, in a word YES, if everyone does.

A modelling framework to assess the likely effectiveness of facemasks in combination with ‘lock-down’ in managing the COVID-19 pandemic

7th July 2020

“Prof Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, president of the Royal Society, said there was evidence that they protected both the wearer and those around them.”

The frustration is the evidence to support this advice has been known for months. Better late than never, but many people have died prematurely due to the lag in the support for this measure. Even now then Government has not extended this advice to cover shops, only public transport. In business and life their can be penalties for the slow adoption of best practice.

In relation to websites and best business practice many businesses are missing out on being found because their website:-

  • Does not work well on a mobile phone

  • Has stale content

  • Does not follow best practice

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The Threader Website has a list of seventy papers of which 31 are written in 2020 which promote the benefit of face coverings in a pandemic to slow its spread.

Face Coverings To Be Compulsory From 24th July 2020 In England

Interesting to see how long a decision takes to be made even when it has the potential to save many lives at very little cost. The evidence that face coverings save lives has been known from the early part of the year. The Lancet published a comprehensive study back in April 2020. In England they will be compulsory from 24th July 2020. At least 4-months of lowering the rate of transmission wasted. Better late than never.

A surgeon explains why you should wear a mask, (saves lives) and demonstrates that masks do not restrict the oxygen in your blood, unless you are keyboard warrior.