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Content Management Systems - CMS

Dot Net also known as database driven websites or content management systems are the type of website you can edit yourself, below are some videos to help you get started.

Looking for more information please see CMS - Content Management System which does use the dot net platform to create the website.


You will have been assigned a username something like adminXX and a password: If you copy these in to notepad and then copy them in to the appropriate box if it is your computer click Remember Me.

Next navigate to the page you wish to edit and click Edit - Edit as you might a Word document and then when you are done click Publish at the foot.

Publish will make your edit public, if you are not finished click Save.

If you navigate away from the page without clicking save you will lose your changes.

The position of the login button can vary depending upon the design of your website and may be higher or lower on the page.


Edit Preview Mode

If you cannot see Edit to edit the page chances are you are not logged in or are in Preview mode.

Preview mode is how the website looks to the typical viewer.

Design mode is only suitable for editing by a developer avoid changing any configurations here.

Edit mode is the one for editing the site.


Add Text, Make Text Bold

The above video shows how to add text, editing text is a question clicking on the text to change and edit that.

Making the text bold, highlight the text which you want bold and then click B in the edit choice.

Italics is I

Underline is U - but do not use underline unless it is a link to another page. When the internet first started underline was used to mark text which took you somewhere else.

S is for Strike through - a good choice if the price was £20 and is now £10, i.e. it puts a line through the text.

Gain confidence with the basics and experiment with the other features on the edit bar as your skills increase.



h1 will create the larges heading and h6 the smallest

There is an assumption in search engines that text in h1 headings must be more important than h6, however, do not be tempted therefore to put all your text in a h1 heading, Google will not be impressed and will hold back on serving up your page as a punishment.


People Like Lists on Websites

Lists is a big subject on the internet, but as a start think of them as having bullet points or numbers.

If you can put text logically in to a list chances are it will read better on a website than being in paragraph.


Links, Backlinks, Hyperlinks, Navigation - are all the same (to pages not on your website)

Links are what makes the internet work. One of the best examples of how to weave links in to your website can be seen at Wikipedia.


Links To Pages On Your Website

Internal Links can be easily achieved by highlighting the text to form the link and then click on blue icon on the edit bar and select the required link from the choice.

If You Do Not Have Any Photo Editing Software

As with most questions in life there is more than one answer as to how to resize a picture, this is one option.

Place a Picture On The Page

In this example the picture has already been uploaded and only requires inserting in place as a thumbnail which when clicked can be opened to its full size.

How to Upload a Resources for example a picture


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