FAR UVC Light Bringing Covid-19 Under Control

Far-UVC Bringing Covid-19 Under Control

Covid-19 presents a challenge.

The world wants a solution. Surprisingly there might be one!

Radiation scientist David Brenner shares his work studying a potentially life-saving weapon: a wavelength of ultraviolet light known as far-UVC, which can kill superbugs safely, without penetrating our skin. Followed by a Q&A with TED Curator Chris Anderson.

The critical point to note is that far-UVC is a special light, and not to be mixed up with other UV lights.

Not the slickest video on YouTube.com but probably one of the most important if you enjoy the company of other human beings. When far UVC light becomes commercially available this could be the main suppressor of corona viruses we have around the world.

This video brings the work on using far-UVC upto the present day.

It is interesting to note the scepticism and peoples concern, which is ironic when for decades people smoked in pubs and are happy to consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

For those who prefer a more scientific approach Nature.com comes to a similar conclusion, that far-UVC could be a solution to killing viruses and bacteria.

With the death toll mounting from Covid-19, more and more people are wondering if UV Lamps are the magic bullet the world has been searching for.

Using UV light to kill bacteria and viruses is an old idea. Using the 222 spectrum is a new idea. If this is harmless to humans and destroys bugs, which harm us, this really is a game changer and could allow social venues to re-open.

  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Clubhouses

The list goes on. Ultimately the world will conquer Covid-19, but the key question is when. The answer will almost certainly be a multi layered approach. Extensive cleaning, possibly a vaccine and better medication and treatment for those who become ill. Far-UVC feels like it could be an effective part of that arsenal, and to that end is an idea worth sharing.

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Tests show UVC lamps could light the way in virus fight

David J. Brenner Center For Radiological Research– Using the Power of Light: Preventing the Airborne Spread of Coronavirus and Influenza Virus

Short summary of how light kills the Covid-19 virus If you are looking for a one page summary this is for you.

Practical Application of This Technology

It is not knowledge which changes the world but the application of knowledge.

One of the first companies out of the starting blocks regarding the application of Far-UVC light in the workplace is Healthe Lighting.

Kobe University-Ushio Inc. Joint Study Shows Repetitive Irradiation with 222nm UV-C Does Not Cause Skin Cancer

Safety statement on Far-UVC

Where Far-UVC Lights Could Be Deployed

“The results of this study indicate that although 222nm UV-C has a powerful germicidal ability, it can be directly irradiated on human skin. A wide range of antibacterial and viral inactivation applications may be expected in the future, such as hand sanitization in medical facilities and uses in locations where people enter, such as schools, nursing homes, food factories, toilets, and kitchens.”

It is hard to think of anywhere which would not want to kill Covid-19, and other bugs and viruses.

Magnolia Bakery – Becomes First New York Business To Install Human-Safe Far UVC Light

18th May Healthe’s Cleanse saniztizing solutions – for the full story.

Far-UVC for killing Covid-19

Same story different angle. Far-UVC light being used to help add an extra layer of protection against Covid-19.

Latest Scientific Paper on “Far-UVC Light”

Click Abstract – to open up the paper.

Far-UVC light efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses

Safelight UV Manufacturing

Safelight UV™ is on the cutting edge to stop COVID – 19

There are lots of UVC lighting suppliers but sadly Google, Amazon, and eBay do not distinguish between UVC and “far-UVC light” both kill bacteria and viruses, but only one is safe for human contact (far-UVC light).

Over the course of the summer it is highly likely that large lighting manufacturers will start to supply the market with Far-UVC lights.

This supplier seems to be on top to thiswww.ushio.com/product/care222-mercury-free-far-uv-c-excimer/.

Heathrow Airport starts to use UVC to kill viruses. Note this is not FAR-UVC Light but the regular UVC light which is harmful if in contact with human skin and your eyes hence this is kept away from people.

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For those looking for a magic bullet “far UVC light” this is the closest thing. Professor David J Brenner has been pioneering this work for a number of years. He is now based at the Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, New York, 10032, USA.

To me this subject feels like it should be a greater part of the conversation regarding fighting the coronavirus.

HealtheLighting.com Far UVC lighting downlighter Based in the states they have real customers installing these devices right now. This is out of the lab and into the real world. Some way to go yet with the manufacturing but this is beyond the concept idea stage.